Flags are cool
It only takes two or three colours, a few stripes or a couple shapes to represent a country’s history, culture, geography, gastronomy, art… Yet, from a graphic perspective, a flag is incredibly simple!
Flags are living proof that symbols just need to be filled with any meaning you want to give them. As a designer I have the chance to create images and shapes that later on will be filled with meaning by people, ideas, goals… anything you can imagine. Just like flags do: a symbol given a meaning.
When faced with the challenge of creating my own visual identity I wanted a symbol to represent myself as a designer.
Since I was born in Barcelona, I have always been surrounded by maritime imagery, which is a part of who I am. The boats, the docks, the beaches, the sun, the salt in the air, the waves… and the flags. Yes, I’m talking about those colourful flags that hang like beautiful rainbows from the poles of so many ships.
Those are the International Code of Signals’ flags. My symbol is a stylised representation of the «R» and «B» flags of the code. The solution I came up with was simple, but in my experience, best solutions are often simple.

Design your own flag with Barceloneta Monospace
To celebrate my visual identity’s fifth anniversary I designed a whole font based on the International Code of Signals. 
Named after one of the most concurred beaches of Barcelona, Barceloneta Monospace is a free dingbat font that takes the code a step further, stylising the whole code’s alphabet and also including brand new capital characters, numbers and basic punctuation marks.
Want to give it a go? Download, try it and have fun! Create your own flag and fill it with a beautiful meaning.
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