My name is Ramon Bosch,
I'm a solution designer
After receiving a bachelor's degree in arts I earned a four-year Grade in Graphic Design, a Postgraduate Degree in Graphic Design and another Postgraduate Degree in Branding. I've worked as graphic designer in-house for a mobile solutions producer startup and an international hotel management company, and as art director and graphic designer for a creative agency. Apart from Barcelona, I have lived in France, England and Finland.

I believe every problem has a solution to be designed.
Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign
My everyday design tools, I have been using them daily for more than fifteen years. From designing a logo, an icon set or an illustration to applying filters to a batch of images, creating mockups or preparing a brochure for printing​​​​​​​.
Adobe After Effects / Adobe Premiere / Adobe Audition
I have more than 10 years experience designing and preparing assets for animation purposes and can animate simple scenes or motion graphics, edit videos and audio.
Sketch / Figma / Adobe XD / Marvel / Invision
I have been using app design, web design and UI design software for more than five years. I have also been part on a few UX projects which required prototype testing.
WordPress Elementor / WordPress Editor / HTML / CSS / Javascript
I have been using Wordpress for more than 10 years. I manage quite well using Wordpress Bakery and, more recently, been also working with Elementor. I can also write simple HTML, CSS and Javascript code.
Blender / Adobe Dimension / Unreal Engine / C++
I have recently started learning about 3D design with Blender and Adobe Dimension and video game design with Unreal Engine through C++ coding.
PowerPoint / Google Slides / Keynote / Prezi / Canva
I have been using presentation design software since I was in High School. It is the quickest and easiest way to empower the client to create on-brand material, using templates and master slides.
Selected works
Working as a Web Designer for Grupo Hotusa (2018 – 2019)
 ■   Visual identity and signalisation for Have A Nice Day Buffets
 ■   Visual identity, logo and stationery for event Muestra Gastronómica 2017 and 2018
 ■   Visual identity, logo, web design and stationery for Bloom Skybar Miami
 ■   Logo and stationery for Golf Club Las Margas
 ■   Logo and stationery for Black Marina WTC Barcelona
 ■   Logo and stationery for restaurant and buffet Ábrego
 ■   Logo and stationery for Elya Spa
 ■   Logo and signalisation for patisserie Dulce Atelier
 ■   Logo, statinery and web design for Asador Contrapunto
 ■   Logo and stationery for restaurant La Duchesse Brussels

Working as a Jr. Branding Designer at SlashMobility (2016 – 2018)
 ■   Visual identity, logo and web design for Bloomium
 ■   Visual identity, logo and web design for Transformación Digital
 ■   Illustrations, articles and infographics for SlashMobility Blog

Working sporadically as a Freelancer (2016 – 2021)
 ■   Logo design for Still Rendering
 ■   Branding, logo and stationery for Alquimia dance show
 ■   Corporate presentation for Fundición Fábregas
 ■   Signalisation for Bamboo Centre de Terapies Integrades
 ■   Catalog design for Ático de Libros
 ■   Branding, logo, mascot, web and packaging for Refreskat
 ■   Web design and promotional items for Brahma Kumaris
 ■   Branding, logo and stationery for Momentos dance show
 ■   Photoshoot for the book Luonnonväriaineet
 ■   Stationery for Sacred Circles
 ■   Stationery for Ritual Loving
 ■   Logo design, web and packaging for Aurinkokehrä
 ■   Logo design and illustrations for Kaxeraz
 ■   Stationery for Brahma Kumaris
 ■   Illustrations for Ediciones del Serbal SA
 ■   Poster design for Festa Major del Bon Pastor
​​​​​​ ■   Postgrade in Branding at ELISAVA
 ■   Postgrade in Graphic Design at Pau Gragallo
 ■   4 year Grade in Graphic Design at Escola Llotja
 ■   Bachelor’s Degree in Art at IES Vall d’Hebrón
Let's design a solution!
Let's talk! Contact me and I'll help you find a solution to your problem through design thinking and visualisation. Mail me or visit my social networks to see what I'm working on right now. I'll be happy to hear from you!
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