THANKS FOR VISITING MY SITE, I am a graphic designer and a branding lover from Barcelona.

I believe in timeless design, constant improvement and knowledge exchange.

Want to hear my story?

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Since I graduated in 2012 I spent a few years living abroad. I studied in Paris for half a year and improved my french, then I moved to Nottingham (UK) and worked there until I was able to speak english fluently. At last I volunteered in Finland for nine months and studied the basics of their language.

By traveling I learned to adapt to any situation, sabour the local cultures and see life through very different points of view. All through those years I kept studying and working as a freelance until I was hired by SlashMobility in 2016 back again in Barcelona.



During my profesional career I have taken part on a wide variety of projects, mostly related to graphic design but also variuos branches such as marketing, communication, SEO, illustration, web development and media edition. I have also worked through design thinking processes, SCRUM and managed blogs and newsletter content.



In 2008 I acquired my bachelor's degree in art, four years later I finished my career in graphic design at Llotja Design School. Later on I kept studing a postgrade course in graphic design at Pau Gargallo Design School and, eventually, another postgrade course about branding at ELISAVA. In 2017 I started my second career in Multimedia at the Catalonian Open University (UOC).

All through these years I have also been studying online courses from Coursera, Lynda and Domestika.

I enjoy learning and taking my skills further every time. I need to grow a little bit every day.



Thanks for listening to my story, if you want to know more contact me and I will be glad to share some more with you.

Many thanks for your time.